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Elegant Designs for the Decorative Artist

Rose Expressions

The book, Rose Expressions is a beautiful expression of how to paint stroke roses.

Available in English and Japanese, this 32 page book is complete with 16 full color pages of deocrative painting projects and step-by-step instructions for painting stroke roses in reds, yellows, whites and pinks! Rose Expressions is loaded with rose tips, techniques, instructions, and how-to for painting the nine stunning rose designs included in this book.

The book cover reflects the beginning of the romance with roses that attends each page. Evening Dew is a study in dew drops, and delicate rose petals muted by the evening light. Evening Dew
Heartfelt is the first design setting the stage for every rose that is displayed, with detailed instructions for painting roses in soft pinks, both in warm and cool temperatures.
Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Cream is a wonderful study on yellow roses and the importance temperature plays in painting a spray of roses
Pinned on a Hat

White roses on a dark background are dramatic and fun when Pinned On a Hat.
Petals and Pearls

Red roses are easy to paint on a black background and are accented with elegance when draped in pearls.

Tea and Roses

Rose tapestry and a pewter teapot are the subject of the stunning still life, Tea and Roses

Rose Cottage

Yellow roses with copper accents adorn a Victorian Rose Cottage.

A Rose-tree

A Rose-tree is one of my favorites and it will be one of yours too, when you paint these red roses in a terra cotta pot.
Delicate colors, soft tones, muted petals against a white background flavor the design, Wrapped in Ribbon. Wrapped in Ribbon

Each of the designs in this book have been painted with colors that will help you paint a variety of roses in a variety of ways. The instructions and step-by-steps have been carefully thought out and presented to give the the best possible understanding of the execution of the design.

Decorative painters have a large cache of painting surfaces. Rustle through your "stash" and find something that you already have to paint any of these timeless designs upon.

Coupled with The Elegant Rose - Reprised DVD, Rose Expressions gives you excellent instructions, tips and techniques to help you fulfill your desire to paint a stroke rose.

You may order your copy of Rose Expressions, the Japanese translation of Rose Expressions, The Elegant Rose - Reprised DVD in the Shop.

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