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Find a Color Theme

What colors do you see?

Adobe has a really fun color app available for download to your phone or tablet. You only need an Adobe ID to use it. Once downloaded just open the app, login, and point your device at any object and watch the app select multiple color themes as you move the device. Tap the screen to freeze the selected color theme and save the theme. If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, the theme will be in your product software on your home computer the next time you open it. From there you can use the color theme however you wish. How fun is that! The app is Adobe Capture and is available for both Apple OS and Android OS.

You can also go to color.adobe.com and upload an image. Once uploaded, you can select a color theme from the image, save it, and the theme will appear in your Adobe Creative Cloud product software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).

Capturing color themes from something we see at any given moment is a fun tool to have, and as artists, playing with color is what we do well! Have fun!

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